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Frequently Asked Questions

Our membership system is very simple and easy to use. You can sign up for our Premium Plan or by single tool membership. Once payment is confirmed via PayPal it’s activated instantly. If you want to make payment via manually payment methods like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Skrill, BTC or Bank Transfer, You need to send us payment proof and after verification, our support team agent will activate your account.

We are the only providers who provide multiple accounts for each tool so in this way if one account is not working you can use other available tool.

We have 3 days no questions asked refund policy for new users, for existing members if our is service not working properly you can contact us regarding partial refunds.

We have developed an in-house monitoring system, we can detect multiple account usage and ban your account permanently without any prior notice or warnings.

No. We block all the history and search storing features, so other users or even you can’t see the history on any tool. We also offer different access option for some tools, We recommend users to use those direct option to activate extension features only. You can always delete history from direct access tools option.

No, as our fees are already very low, so you can purchase multiple subscriptions if you need for your office. If you want to re-sell our services please contact us for our reseller program. Contact us on our facebook page for details.

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